I find it so amazing and almost magical that you can take a blank canvas and apply paint to it and it becomes so much more than just paint on canvas.  Done well a painting can communicate emotions and movement and the subtleties of light and shadow.  I love light.  I love how it falls on an object or illuminates a scene.  I love the different types of light, harsh or soft, its color, its direction.  In my art I try to capture these qualities of light.

As a creation of God, I find it natural that I should want to create as well. God has blessed my artistic efforts all along.  He has opened doors, provided funds and brought people into my life that have all encouraged me to continue my artistic journey.  A journey that allows me to explore what I can create all by myself using my hands, my eyes, my mind and soul.



I began my artistic career at a very young age, probably around 7 or 8 years old.  I would spend hours drawing things that interested me.  Quite often it was cars, hot rods to be exact.  Then in junior high I took a drafting class taught by Mr. Spadafore.  But it was so much more than a drafting class.  Mr. Spadafore taught us about technical illustration besides just drafting.  It was here that I was first exposed to charcoal, pastels and oil pastels.  We learned about the 3D persepctive, vanishing points, shade and shadow.  Suddenly my 2D car drawings became color renderings with perspective and shadows and texture.  Once in high school photography slowly overtook drawing as my favorite art medium but I still did occasional drawings.

In the late '80's I studied art, photography and graphic design at the University of Washington.  It was here that I rediscovered my love of drawing and painting as I studied under Norman Lundin in the UW Art Department.

I married Reine Manly in 1992 and because we both loved photography, we started a photography business, Definitive Photography.  We did weddings, senior portraits and our daughter's ballet studio events until our daughter's activities consumed so much time we chose to discontinue the photo business.

It was several years later I discovered an arts group within our church, Visual Arts Ministry.   VAM was a gathering of artists within our church that would meet monthly to learn and share about art.  It was here that I became encouraged to explore other art medias.  As many of the members were painters I decided to try that.  Their continued encouragement  and teaching me allowed me to grow as a painter.  It was also about that time that I met Lynn Fleming a very talented and successful local artist who's son attended school with our daughter.  When I discovered Lynn was a painter I asked lots of questions and over time she took me under her guiding wing and worked one on one with me to further develop my painting skills.

And that's where I am today.  I have much to learn and a lot of miles on the canvas yet to cover.  But I am enjoying every new painting challenge and look forward to where God will lead me in this artistic adventure.